HOLGATE MEADOWS Equality Objectives

We have agreed the following equality objectives for 2021-2022


Impact measurement

Who and When

Review and develop a consistent effective and shared proactive approach to addressing racist behaviours amongst students.

PHSCE curriculum reflects the priority of addressing racist behaviours.

The school develops a robust system of managing and addressing racist incidents.

School data systems demonstrate a reduction in the number of racist incidents.

Learning walks capture the use of PHSCE curriculum in addressing all aspects of cultural diversity.

CB and school working group.

CHB   SEL Curriculum Lead

Care Team leader.

End of Summer 2022

Undertake a review of the bespoke support for girls with in the school.

Have an accurate starting point to plan any required actions.


April 2022

Building links with other services and agencies that can provide support in developing our provision for Roma families.

Attendance and engagement are improved.



Summer 2022