Design & Food Technology

Design and Technology Learning Journey

Vision (Intent)

‘Inspiring creative solutions’

Students will follow a broad range of activities that encompass a raft of cross curriculum learning opportunities. Students will develop their creativity and ingenuity through designing and making using a range of materials and equipment including, and will be inspired to find creative solutions to design problems using a variety of researching, designing and planning methods. Students will develop skills in evaluation and we will strive to engender a culture of reflective practice. Students will be furnished with practical skills in the resistant materials and Food Technology areas available to us and the schools will utilise these as a vehicle to foster inventiveness when approaching problems. Independent inquiry will be intrinsic to success and our aim is to facilitate growth in the students’ personal resolve across all areas of life. We feel the skills learned through this curriculum are transferable across a vast spectrum of challenges that will be presented throughout life and will enable students to approach these with confidence. ​ 


End Points (Impact)

  • Students will possess and have experience of a range of practical skills.​
  • Students will have developed skills in problem solving and independent thinking.​
  • Students will have accreditation that ‘opens doors’ in specific aspects of the subject, in other areas of progression educationally, and in their chosen career path.​
  • Students will have developed skills across the wider school curriculum through links with other subjects; such as literacy, numeracy, science, art and ICT.​
  • Pupils will be empowered to confidently approach practical problems within their future.


Domains of Knowledge (Implementation)







Health and Safety


Road Maps