Learn · Grow · Thrive


Champions for growth


We envision that every student across both schools will be able to cope with and access a full and extensive curriculum with the skills to self-regulate and the resilience to take risks in their learning.

Students will experience a growth in confidence which will enable them to make and sustain positive relationships with both adults and peers and be adaptable when faced with changes in their daily lives and routines. Our nurture curriculum will endeavour to create opportunities for students to participate in key developmental experiences perhaps missed in early life such as contact and communication with a key adult and processing play situations. Through these practices we hope to influence students to build a stronger sense of belonging to and securer understanding of the wider world. Our vision is for pupils to learn, grow and thrive as a group and as individuals and ultimately have the personal and social skills to include themselves and be champions for growth within their communities.

End Points

  • To identify and communicate ideas and emotions appropriately and effectively.
  • To have developed a sense of personal and social responsibility.
  • To feel confident in taking risks in building knowledge and relationships.
  • To approach transitions with a sense of security and adaptability.

 Domains of Knowledge

Propositional Knowledge

Procedural Knowledge

Managing Emotions

I know that emotions are feelings that I and others experience.

I know how to identify my own and recognise the feelings of others.

I know that I am responsible for my own actions.

I know how to appropriately express myself.

I know that my mind-set affects my feelings.

I know how to change my perspective.

I know that talking about my feelings can help me manage them.

I know how to ask for support.

I know that I can have positive experiences.

I know how to recognise what makes me feel good.


I know that I have a self-image.

I know how to navigate and deal with difficult feelings about myself.

I know that I have value and my contributions matter.

I know how to confidently share my feelings and ideas.


I know that I can set myself personal goals and how to break them down in to manageable steps.

I know that I can persist until I achieve my goals.

I know how to build resilience to negative thoughts.

I know that I can take risks in my learning and see this as a challenge.

I know how to review my learning and accept support in extending and refining my ideas.


I know that other people have feelings.

I know how to look after other people’s feelings and how my actions can affect them.

I know that other people hold value and worth.

I know how to show my support for others through my actions.

Social Skills

I know that it is important to belong to a community.

I know how to make and sustain relationships with others.

I know that working as a team benefits both myself and others.

I know how to share my ideas and listen to others effectively in a group.

I know that it is important to be able to resolve problems in a calm, compromising manner.

I know how to effectively communicate my feelings in times of difficulty.

Progression map